Melissa Smith

For Montana HD 44

Thoughts and Prayers

Two mass shootings caught national attention this weekend. My husband asked me if I had to make thoughts and prayers posts now that I’m a political candidate. I paused. Just two years ago I was at a rally holding a sign saying “Your thoughts and prayers aren’t good enough. DO BETTER”.

The truth is, Montana’s gun violence, even Billings’ gun violence, is not the same as other cities’ gun violence. Personal responsibility and self reliance is woven into the fabric of our Montana personality, and I have never seen a better partner than those for gun ownership.

Where racist and misogynist radicalization are the leading contributors to the mass shootings we are in other states, here it is mental health, economic inequality, and lax weapons education are contributors to gun violence.

Gun advocates are right – restricting access to guns away won’t prevent violence. Community safety is built best from the ground up. Better education, better mental health support, better economic opportunity.

As your representative in Helena, and right to protect the Montana way of life and focus on the legislative policies it takes to enable the life we want possible in our communities.

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