Melissa Smith

For Montana HD 44


About Me

The long road to here

I was born in Iowa in a time of tumultuous cultural change, to parents who firmly believed in the ability of their two daughters, teaching us that we could achieve anything we set our minds to with the right work ethic.

When the factory my dad worked at moved operations to Mexico, we relocated from our comfortable, union-wage mid-western lifestyle to California where better jobs and free college beckoned. The 80’s were not good for blue collar workers, and we ended up moving every year, chasing jobs and affordable housing, until I finished (the no longer free) college and settled with my high school sweetheart, now husband in his home state of Montana.

Problem solving is what I do

I love to solve problems. I’m most fulfilled when I can dig into a problem and find a solution to make somebody’s life a little bit better. This passion lead me from from my work in retail management, to heading Internet Montana in the early 2000’s, into marketing where I realized my passion for all things Internet, to my current work as a website developer.

Alongside my work to support myself and my family, I work to support my community through service, almost always in non-profits focused on education or services for the low-income community. 

vote for your rights

Why I'm running for office

I’m running for office to protect our Montana constitution, and the rights of all Montanans. The Republican party is only a few seats away from a super-majority, when they intend to gut the best state constitution in the US to suit the desires of wealthy, out-of-state corporate owners.

I’ve been involved in community service all my life, especially efforts dedicated to education and helping families. A few years back, a colleague asked if I would help him develop a website package to help candidates – specifically, anti-abortion candidates – which triggered an existential crisis where my desire to help my community, and to support a healthy democracy conflicted with my core belief in personal freedom and equality under the US constitution.

Before that project saw the light of day, I ran to my local Democratic party organization to offer my skills in any way that helped and offset the potential damage. That project never launched, but my fight to protect equal rights for all continues.

my promises

What I Will Fight For

Climate Change

Climate change is the defining issue of our time and a core threat to our lives and equality under the law.

Health Care

Access to affordable healthcare is a right. I will work to improve both accessibility and affordability for more Montanans.

Safer Communities

Protecting freedom for Montanans means improving community safety. Accidents and violence affect health and quality of life, for those both directly and indirectly affected.

Voting day is always a family day, 2012

Support Our Cause

There are so many thing that are good in our lives, and I am grateful to all the people who came before me that made this possible. From the time my family set foot in this country, they worked hard to build strong communities and teach their children the responsibility of citizenship.

Support for my campaign is support for our community and our democracy.