Melissa Smith

For Montana HD 44
Melissa Smith
for Montana House District 44
Our community matters. Your voice matters.

About Melissa

I’m running for state office because our government’s focus on short-term gains is already costing our neighborhood its safety, health, and ability to grow for the future. Our crime rate has ballooned, our communities are more expensive, and neighbors are more divided than ever.

My entire career, I’ve worked to find solutions for customers, businesses and communities, and I want to bring a problem-solving perspective to the way our state is run.

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What I Will Fight For

Climate Change

Climate change is the defining issue of our time and a core threat to our lives and equality under the law.

Health Care

Access to affordable healthcare is a right. I will work to improve both accessibility and affordability for more Montanans.

Safer Communities

Protecting freedom for Montanans means improving community safety. Accidents and violence affect health and quality of life, for those both directly and indirectly affected.

Voting day is always a family day, 2012

Support Our Cause

There are so many thing that are good in our lives, and I am grateful to all the people who came before me that made this possible. From the time my family set foot in this country, they worked hard to build strong communities and teach their children the responsibility of citizenship.

Support for my campaign is support for our community and our democracy.